How Debt Settlement Works

1. Call Us For a Free Consultation

Every case is different. We listen.

One of our Certified Debt Specialists takes time to get to know you and your financial situation. Then, we will work together to put together a customized game plan based on your debt and your budget.

2. We Contact Your Creditors

We will guide you on the next steps, then our debt resolution professionals start negotiating with your creditors. Our focus is to reduce your total debt and cut down your monthly payments

Debt Settlement Debt Reduction

3. Get Your Debt Settled

When a creditor agrees to a settlement, you will be notified. Once you’ve paid off your creditor in full, that debt will be “resolved”


Our debt specialist professionals are efficient at negotiating debt and working with the creditors


We are deeply committed at helping you reduce your monthly payments and reduce your debt


With over 10 years experience, our team is highly skilled and experienced with the process.

Request a Free Confidential Consultation

Speak with one of our debt certified professionals and find out your options. The call is free and confidential. Don’t wait. Take the 1st step now.